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Daily Art Devotions: Day 37

For Day 37 of #DailyArtDevotions we were to create an intuitive doodle with our eyes closed and then open our eyes and color in what we saw. I decided to draw my intuitive doodle with my non-dominant hand.

Very quickly, after opening my eyes, I saw eyes and then a face emerged. But as I began to add color, the image transformed several times. Originally, the swirl with the circle was the mouth, then it was the heart, and finally I realized that it was something hidden within the large heart.

After coloring the image, I then wrote down phrases that kept coming to me throughout the process.

art journal · Daily Art Devotion

Daily Art Devotions: Day 20

For #DailyArtDevotions Day 20, I addressed the voice of my inner critic, then covered it over with rich watercolors. What was unexpected is somehow the art on the other page caused a mask on the canvas paper that showed up as I added the watercolor. It is a fascinating design, that looks like a tree getting ready to burst forth from the rainbow of colors. How amazing is this happy artistic accident?

To create a door as a cover for the inner critic transformation, I selected a sheet of scrapbook paper. As I situated it in the journal, I noticed there were marks on it that looked like a nose and mouth – another happy artistic accident. So, I decided to do a pencil sketch of the woman who is protector of my artistic transformation.