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Experimental Play

For today’s creative practice, I decided to do some experiments. I wanted to recreate the dual brush markers over gesso background that I’ve created by accident the last two days so I could take pictures. Well, guess what? I couldn’t recreate it! I tried and tried and tried, but nope! So, I thought I would take my messy, experiment-failed background and play around with it. I used a pencil to sketch first, then wet a black, Stabilo All pencil to trace over the sketch. It was a complete mess, but I just kept going. I tried adding colors to the eyes and mouth, but those didn’t work out so well either. So, I kept playing around. I got a paint brush and pulled most of the color from the eyes, and the effect ended up being really cool. I pulled the red color up from the mouth, and it didn’t turn out so well, so I added black all over it, then pulled it up, added more red, but it still didn’t look right. I kept going back and forth adding black, then color, then black….and well, black with a hint of color it is 🙂

I look at her now, and I think, so freakin cool! Not too bad for a failed experiment ❤

Art · art journal

Sketchbook Play

I was a little unsure of what to do for today’s creative practice. I toyed around with a few ideas, but nothing really spoke to me. So, I just started to play in my sketchbook. I started with watercolors, then moved to gelatos with stencils, and then added some clear gesso. I decided then to create a face sketch on tracing paper and add it on top of the clear gesso with graphite transfer paper. I then added hair with MozArt dual brush markers, and then added acrylic paint bubbles.  Fun, fun, fun!

Something I learned today is that I love how the dual brush markers come out when applied over clear gesso and washed over with a wet paintbrush. You can see the difference in this piece. The dual brush markers over clear gesso can be seen where her hair is below and on her face. The dual brush markers straight on the paper can be seen where her hair extends out above her head. I enjoyed playing and learning with these mediums.