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100 Faces Day 44

Day 44/100 Faces – I added color to this one, but the paper didn’t hold up and neither did the supplies I used. I spent several hours trying to recover her, but it didn’t work out so well. Luckily I took a photo of the pencil sketch. I may try this same face again tomorrow to see if I can do better.

100 Faces · Art

100 Faces Day 9

Today I learned that it is good to keep going even if I don’t like what I see on the page, and that trusting my instincts and allowing myself to grab supplies intuitively really helps the process. I also learned that sharpies do smudge when gone over with an alcohol marker. Oops!

I was feeling a bit blah today, so I had planned to leave her as a pencil sketch, but I followed a nudge, and traced over the pencil sketch with a sharpie art marker, and then followed another nudge, and colored her in with alcohol markers. Then I did a bit more with colored pencils, and added some highlights with a white gel pen.

100 Faces · Art

100 Faces Day 8

Something I’ve learned through this process is that I don’t do well following along with a video as someone draws or trying to draw from a reference photo. I really want to be able to copy what I see while I’m learning, but every time I try, it does not go well for me. I’m a much more intuitive artist, and despite my best intentions to copy what I see, I always end up tuning out the video or reference photo and going off on my own.

So, today I just did my own thing, and here’s what came through. I did a pencil sketch, then went over it with a sharpie art marker, and then used Winsor and Newton skin tone alcohol markers to add color. I’m just learning to use alcohol markers, and so far, I like them.

My intention for the end of these 100 days is to draw faces quickly and easily, applying the right shading intuitively, and to identify all the mediums I love to work with and that work best for me.

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Kuan Yin: Day Two

I’ve had quite a frustrating time with my creative practice today. I continued with the Lucy Chen’s #KuanYin #EverAfter2018 lesson. I actually got angry with myself as I attempted to sketch the second hand over and over again for several hours and just could not get it right. I decided to just leave it and move on to sketching other aspects of the painting. Though my intention was to start adding color today, I recognized that I needed to walk away and come back to it another day when I’m not feeling so frustrated. I remember Marielle Stolp saying in her style development lessons not to trust what we see. That it is best sometimes to set something aside and come back to it later. When we come back to it later on, we will often have a different perspective.

Art · Ever After 2018

Kuan Yin: Day One

I have made the decision to continue with a daily creative practice in August. My intention for the month is to participate in some form of creative activity every day and to post about it here on my blog.

I like posting what I create in stages not only so that I can see my own progress, but also so other beginning artists can see the process of another beginning artist. When I was an MFA student, we had a guest writer come in and give us copies of a first draft of one of his chapters from his published memoir. It was incredible to see the difference between his first draft and what was published. I carry that experience with me and draw from it any time I start to get to caught up in perfectionist first drafts both in my writing and art. I wish more people would share the stages of what they create – especially in writing – so that we could all see real examples of what Anne Lamott calls “Shitty First Drafts.” Maybe then we wouldn’t be so afraid of our own.

For today’s creative practice, I began Lucy Chen’s Kuan Yin lesson from Tamara Laporte’s Ever After 2018 course. This sketch took much longer than I anticipated, but I like how it’s going so far.