100 Faces · Art

100 Faces Day 33

For today, I continued my profile practice. I want to give a shoutout to the artist Karen Campbell for her amazing instruction on drawing profiles. Her instruction made a huge difference.

For this face I made a pencil sketch and then used watercolors, Ecoline brush markers, black and blue elegant writer pens, black Faber Castell pen, and black and white Stabilo-All pencils.

100 Faces · Art

100 Faces Day 8

Something I’ve learned through this process is that I don’t do well following along with a video as someone draws or trying to draw from a reference photo. I really want to be able to copy what I see while I’m learning, but every time I try, it does not go well for me. I’m a much more intuitive artist, and despite my best intentions to copy what I see, I always end up tuning out the video or reference photo and going off on my own.

So, today I just did my own thing, and here’s what came through. I did a pencil sketch, then went over it with a sharpie art marker, and then used Winsor and Newton skin tone alcohol markers to add color. I’m just learning to use alcohol markers, and so far, I like them.

My intention for the end of these 100 days is to draw faces quickly and easily, applying the right shading intuitively, and to identify all the mediums I love to work with and that work best for me.