art journal, Daily Art Devotion

Daily Art Devotions: Day 29 and 30

For Days 29 and 30 of #DailyArtDevotions, I added extra support into my repurposed art journal with various washi tape and then created a page representative of what my heart wants me to know.

I used torn up pieces of the watercolor coffee filters I had created earlier as part of this practice in order to form the heart and affixed them to the page using gel medium. I then used gel pens to journal messages from my heart by letting the words just flow on the page without stopping.

art journal, Daily Art Devotion

Daily Art Devotions: Day 28

For Day 28 of #DailyArtDevotions, I created a rainbow waterfall that is flowing into and filling my well of inspiration. I think I may eventually add some encouraging words along the rainbow or words representative of things that inspire me. For the color, I used Tombow dual brush markers.

art journal, Daily Art Devotion

Daily Art Devotions: Day 26

For Day 26/40 of #DailyArtDevotions #artjournal journey with Elizabeth Foley, I decided to create my night sky representation using watercolor and Bombay inks. I really love how it turned out.

Something I learned in Tamara Laporte’s Creativity and Wellbeing Summit with Lucy Brydon is to put two layers of watercolor on the page to make the colors more vibrant. I also learned from Lucy how to make the galaxy stars using white ink and a toothbrush.

Something else I added for effect was salt, and I also used a dryer to move the watercolors around on the page. Then I put watercolors on a mop brush and slung them across the page. I will be doing a lot more of these. The effect is beautiful.

art journal, Daily Art Devotion

Daily Art Devotions: Day 25

For today’s #dailyartdevotions #artjournal practice, I created a watercolor representation of my tidal wave of inspiration. Of course, I had to add a mermaid in the mix because…well…I absolutely love mermaids and just thinking about them brings me artistic inspiration.

art journal, Daily Art Devotion

Daily Art Devotions: Days 22-24

I had to take a few days off to heal from multiple illnesses and a migraine, but I’m feeling better, so it’s back to making art.

For Day 22 of #DailyArtDevotions we were to go on an artist’s date which I took perusing Pinterest for mermaid inspiration which resulted in the sketch below. We also created a special pocket in our repurposed art journals to collect items that are special to us in order to create a well of inspiration. I used an art piece I had created previously and created the special well in my journal.

For Day 23, it was creating a page of gold. I created this page using only my intuition as a guide. I laid out all my gold media as well as my stencils and stamps and let my intuition do the rest. I absolutely love the results.

For Day 24, we were to collect items to fill up our well. I have been discovering all kinds of inspiring things going through my art supplies. I decided that I wanted to make a full commitment to this art journey I have begun, so I sold a bunch of things I didn’t need anymore in order to make space for a dedicated art space in my dining room. I still have much to organize, but I now have a space just to create art, and we can finally eat on the dining room table again.

art journal, Daily Art Devotion

Daily Art Devotions: Day 21

For today’s #dailyartdevotions #artjournal practice we engaged with our inner child using coffee filters and water soluble markers. I marked on the filters with ecoline brush markers and transferred the colors with water to canvas paper and beige card stock that I had previously pasted into my repurposed cookbook art journal.

The colors were lighter than expected when transferred, but the pages are still really pretty. I think I will try it on watercolor paper next time. My favorite part, though, is the leftover coffee filters that I can use in other art projects. They look really cool.