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Daily Art Devotions: Day 26

For Day 26/40 of #DailyArtDevotions #artjournal journey with Elizabeth Foley, I decided to create my night sky representation using watercolor and Bombay inks. I really love how it turned out.

Something I learned in Tamara Laporte’s Creativity and Wellbeing Summit with Lucy Brydon is to put two layers of watercolor on the page to make the colors more vibrant. I also learned from Lucy how to make the galaxy stars using white ink and a toothbrush.

Something else I added for effect was salt, and I also used a dryer to move the watercolors around on the page. Then I put watercolors on a mop brush and slung them across the page. I will be doing a lot more of these. The effect is beautiful.

art journal · Daily Art Devotion

Daily Art Devotions: Day 14

Well, it ends up that I have an antibiotic-resistant strain of strep. So, I’m starting a more powerful antibiotic in the morning.

Since I’m not feeling well, I wasn’t able to catch up to Day 15, but I did finish day 14 of #DailyArtDevotions 40-day #artjournal journey.

I colored a botanical mandala from a nature coloring book with my glitter markers. It reminded me of the sunflowers I grow each year. I love how they follow the sun each day from morning to evening. There’s something so magical about them.

I then pasted them onto a piece of scrapbook paper, and tore another piece of paper and wrote “Shine” on it with a yellow Posca pen and added a little star magic to it. I then pasted it all onto a page my repurposed cookbook turned art journal.

art journal · Daily Art Devotion

Daily Art Devotions: Day 12 and 13

So…I’m playing catch up with #DailyArtDevotions 40-day #artjournal journey with Elizabeth Foley. I found out the reason I’ve not been feeling good is that I have strep. Normally, I would push through anyway, but not this time. I listened to my body which was clearly telling me to slow down, and I took a few days off from everything and laid on the couch binge-watching some old and new shows. I’m still not 100%, so I’m taking things slowly.

For Day 12, I made a collage that represented the many different lives I thought I would be living. As I was looking at pictures to cut out, many dream lives from different stages of my life came up for me. Some I’ve achieved even if for a brief moment, others I have learned to let go of.

Here are a few that came up for me. I’m sure there are many more.




Famous Author





Exercise Instructor




Mermaid 🧜‍♀️

It was fun thinking about all the dreams I have had for myself over the years.

For Day 13, I added wings with a stencil and gesso to a magazine ad that I thought was beautiful. I added a kind of golden energy around her and coming to her from above to serve as a reminder that I don’t have to do everything on my own. I also added some white dots to serve as magical stars. Both the gold spirals and magical stars were added with paint pens since it was a glossy ad that I used.

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Daily Art Devotions: Day 10

I am not feeling well today, and in addition to that, I’ve got the beginnings of a migraine. It seems fitting then that the focus of this page for day 10 of #DailyArtDevotions is on my fear of creativity monster.

I sketched and colored my monster, and then decided I wanted a colorful background to symbolize the creativity he is standing guard over. It really does feel sometimes that I have to go to battle with him in order to gain access to my creativity.

And…after looking at him for quite some time, I realize he has a striking resemblance to one my exes…hmmm…interesting 😜

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Daily Art Devotions: Day 9

For Day 9 of the #DailyArtDevotions 40-day #artjournal journey with Elizabeth Foley, I turned my fears into flowers.

It is no wonder that I struggled mightily while creating this page. Layer after layer, it looked like a total mess. Parts of the paper even started to come up and peel off, and I had no idea how to fix it. But…I just kept going.

Maybe this experience was the Universe showing me exactly how to handle all these fears I have about creating: Just keep going in spite of the fear and something beautiful will eventually emerge.

Maybe that is the reward for not giving up.

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Daily Art Devotions: Day 7

For Day 7 of #DailyArtDevotions 40-day #artjournal #journey with Elizabeth Foley, I created a visual representation of what my path feels like to me. I am somewhat stuck in “Just Stay Here,” because it feels like there are too many paths to follow, and I cannot decipher which one is the “best one,” or the “right” one, for me. They are all calling “Go Here!” I want to follow them all, afraid if I choose one over the other I will miss something or make the wrong decision. But, I would need many lifetimes to explore them all. So, for now, I’m at a standstill, dipping my toe on this path or that path, but too afraid to fully commit to one over the other. I did have the realization while I was coloring this in that, in some ways, I am lucky to have so many possibilities, and that maybe I should just jump on one and see where it goes, or maybe, just maybe, choose the grass or the water or the sand, and leave all the already-forged paths behind. I wonder what that might look like!