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Day Ten: Find Your Flow

The consistency in this practice is paying off. Instead of my mind fretting over all kinds of madness when I go to bed, it now is happily occupied trying out different noses, eyes, and mouths on imaginary face shapes. What a fascinating thing this is – proof that my mind is at work on creating art even when I am wholly focused on something else. It’s just really, really cool!

Today’s sketches are again a continuation of Nina Rycroft’s Face Shapes class. These are my attempts at the heptagon-shaped face. I only have one section left in the class – oblong shaped faces, and I will have completed the class. I have some ideas about what I might do next as the thirty days of #FindYourFlow continues, but I haven’t settled on any one thing yet. I am going to leave it up to my intuition to guide the way.

I’ve been catching up on the recordings for the Creative Soul Series with Jennifer Currie today. If you get the chance, take the time to listen/watch them. The whole series is FREE! They are incredibly inspirational, and I’m learning so much!


Art · Creative Soul Series · Find Your Flow

Day Five: Find Your Flow

Today was an easy day. I think the journal exercise Karen Abend had us complete yesterday for the #FindYourFlow group really helped to put my inner critic into perspective. The group sharing their fears also helped me to realize I’m not alone, and the only thing my inner critic is succeeding at is blocking me from creating with a judgment-free mind. Karen had mentioned speaking to yourself as you would a friend, and I thought, would I make the comments I make to myself to anyone in the #FindYourFlow group. Not a chance! So, it was time to stop doing it to myself.

Today began the Creative Soul Series hosted by Jennifer Currie. I decided to listen to the video while completing my sketches today. Surprisingly, there was no judgment during my sketching session because I had kept my mind occupied by the wonderful conversation between Jennifer Currie and Laura Horn. This is something I hadn’t thought about doing before, but I see now that it may be beneficial for me to play something that can distract my logical mind while I’m sketching in order to bypass the judgment that has been crippling my creative practice.

For my sketching practice today, I completed the next video of Nina Rycroft‘s Face Shapes Class on Skillshare – rectangle faces – and created six new characters. It went smoothly, and I can see a noticeable improvement in the sketches, and that makes me happy!