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Internal Compass: More Layers

I’m not feeling particularly motivated to create today. I’ve got a lot I’m still trying to process, and the kindest thing I can do for myself is to just relax and let all the loose threads I’ve got dangle for another day.

For today’s creative practice, I added two more layers to my internal compass. The layers were specifically from visions that I had during my meditation practice.

In the meditations, I saw a web with silver spirals wrapped around each strand and blue light flowing from the center through each strand. I saw a dragonfly buzzing near my right temple which I added to the North section of the compass. I saw a woman sitting in lotus pose with a spiral cord in her center and bright, white lights emanating from her like beacons, and I added her to the center Space. And throughout the meditations, there was a large, black, fierce cat alongside me. I put a picture of her hunting in the East and West and a picture of her lying in wait in the North and South.

I had this great idea to add all the images using clear gesso, but it pulled up and mixed with the blue paint making it difficult to see them. I think that worked out perfectly, though, because the feeling I get is that the blue energy is a protective barrier covering the entirety of my internal compass.

Art · Art of Manifesting Quest

EMI Internal Compass and Finished Idea Journal

I am participating in EMI’s year-long Quest, and for today’s sketchbook practice, I completed the first step of this month’s art prompt. The prompt had to do with marking your internal compass using colors, words, images, and symbols of your own choosing. Then throughout the week, you add whatever comes to you building upon the foundation you created. I used an old piece of round cardboard that had been part of the packaging of something I received in the mail (I can’t remember what). I covered it in white gesso, and then used a red paint marker to mark the compass. I then used acrylic paint for the color and symbols.

In the Quest, we are always looking for the red thread (common theme) throughout each of our steps, so I decided to write the four directions and their questions in red. Then I chose symbols and colors that spoke to me. For North/Earth I chose purple and the symbol I kept seeing was home. For East/Air, I chose green, and the symbol that came to me was wings. For South/Fire, I chose yellow, and the symbol that came to me was flames. For West/Water, I chose red, and the symbol that came to me was a magic wand. I look forward to seeing how this develops over the next week.

As a little extra, I thought I would also share pictures of my completed idea journal. The cover didn’t turn out how I had envisioned, but the rainbow cording I used to bind it together is divine.

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Woman Unleashed: Manifesting Intuitively

A few days back, I watched Lou Reed’s free #WomanUnleashed #ManifestingIntuitively session. I really connected with her session, and especially her #FlowerofLife exercise. Her free gift from the session was her year-long Art of Manifesting Quest, so I signed up.

This week I started the Quest, and the art prompt was to create a safe container for the work I would be doing. So, for my sketchbook practice today, I chose to create my own journal, mixing various types of sketch paper with watercolor and Bristol paper. I then stitched it together with waxed thread. I then followed the assignment by selecting images and words that spoke to me and gluing them onto the front and back covers I had created. After completing the covers, I spent some time with the images and words I had put together to find any hidden messages. It was such an insightful exercise that brought so many connections that I never would have seen otherwise. So much fun!