100 Faces, Art

100 Faces Day 29

Today’s prompt from #mabgraveshalloweenclub2019 was “cryptid.” I decided to honor the beautiful, mesmerizing trees across the street that were cut down. Trees are like people to me and my son, so it was very difficult to watch the demise of trees that had been a part of our view for nearly fifteen years. Sigh…

100 Faces, Art, Moonshine 2019

Extra Face Practice

I’ve been doing some extra faces during my 100 face journey. The first two are done in Procreate from my own pencil sketches. The next two are are extra faces in my sketchbook. And the final is done on pizza cardboard and is my interpretation of Cristin Chambers Moonshine 2019 lesson. I used stencils from Sarah Trumpp on the last piece.

100 Faces, Art

100 Faces Day 27

I’ve been getting caught up in perfection, or I should say lack of perfection, in my face practice. So, I decided to work more loosely using different mediums to lessen my irritation. Today I scribbled a face with Stabilo-All black pencil, then added water. I also added a touch of color to her eyes with colored pencils. Today’s #mabsdrawlloweenclub2019 prompt: witch.