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Daily Art Devotions: Day 7

For Day 7 of #DailyArtDevotions 40-day #artjournal #journey with Elizabeth Foley, I created a visual representation of what my path feels like to me. I am somewhat stuck in “Just Stay Here,” because it feels like there are too many paths to follow, and I cannot decipher which one is the “best one,” or the “right” one, for me. They are all calling “Go Here!” I want to follow them all, afraid if I choose one over the other I will miss something or make the wrong decision. But, I would need many lifetimes to explore them all. So, for now, I’m at a standstill, dipping my toe on this path or that path, but too afraid to fully commit to one over the other. I did have the realization while I was coloring this in that, in some ways, I am lucky to have so many possibilities, and that maybe I should just jump on one and see where it goes, or maybe, just maybe, choose the grass or the water or the sand, and leave all the already-forged paths behind. I wonder what that might look like!


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