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Start Where You Are: A New Spread

I find it fascinating that if I give my creativity even the slightest nudge, it will take off. For today’s creative practice, I decided to return to the #StartWhereYouAre book by Meera Lee Patel. In my #handmadeartjournal I’ve been pulling out the pages and using her art work to create the left side of the spread along with my own embellishments, and then answering the prompts with my own writing and art work on the right side of the spread.

A few weeks back, I reached a point where I was stuck. The prompt asked the reader to list her passions on one side and the goals that encompass them on the other. I don’t know what my passions really are. Lately, I’ve been working to disentangle my own passions from the passions, opinions, guidance, and judgment of others. Because I couldn’t answer that prompt, the book, and my journal, just sat there staring at me every day.

So today, I decided to approach it by starting out simple. I would just create the left side of the spread with Meera Lee Patel’s artwork and then deal with the answer to the prompt on the right at another time. But…my creativity took over. It said: Who said you need to know right now what your passions are? Why can’t you just say you don’t know? It was right. So, instead of writing down my passions, I wrote down my dreams, and my confusion about what is mine and what belongs to others. I wrote and then turned the page and wrote over it again. Then I just let my intuition take over, and WOW! Like Meera Lee Patel says…Start Where You Are!

I am constantly amazed by what happens when I just let my intuition take over without judgment or parameters. Things I never would have thought of emerge. Once again, I have proven to myself that if I just sit down and start, my creativity will take over and something will get made!

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