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Watercolor Play

Today’s creative practice was derailed by a fall down the stairs this morning. Judging from the continuous pain, and where my body hit, I believe I may have fractured a rib or two. I’m so very lucky it wasn’t something more serious. Over the last two weeks, my neighbor fell and broke her leg, my brother-in-law fell and fractured his arm and elbow, and my mother fell and broke her ankle and is in the hospital and may require surgery. So strange all this falling happening. I don’t believe I’ve ever fallen down stairs in my life.

So, to practice some self-care, I made today’s creative practice fun and simple. I began a video for the Art is Magic 2018 Extended Creative Retreat (of which I was lucky enough to win a year’s access to) and in the first video, Galia Alena shows her art journals. They are so incredible! What called to me before I even began her instruction, was a few pages where she mixed her watercolors so she could reference back to them, and I just loved what she had done, so I started mixing my favorite MozArt Komorebi watercolor set. I’m only about halfway through the set, but I just love how the page has turned out so far. I’m going to stop for the evening, and give myself the gift of some rest and relaxation.

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