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Internal Compass: More Layers

I’m not feeling particularly motivated to create today. I’ve got a lot I’m still trying to process, and the kindest thing I can do for myself is to just relax and let all the loose threads I’ve got dangle for another day.

For today’s creative practice, I added two more layers to my internal compass. The layers were specifically from visions that I had during my meditation practice.

In the meditations, I saw a web with silver spirals wrapped around each strand and blue light flowing from the center through each strand. I saw a dragonfly buzzing near my right temple which I added to the North section of the compass. I saw a woman sitting in lotus pose with a spiral cord in her center and bright, white lights emanating from her like beacons, and I added her to the center Space. And throughout the meditations, there was a large, black, fierce cat alongside me. I put a picture of her hunting in the East and West and a picture of her lying in wait in the North and South.

I had this great idea to add all the images using clear gesso, but it pulled up and mixed with the blue paint making it difficult to see them. I think that worked out perfectly, though, because the feeling I get is that the blue energy is a protective barrier covering the entirety of my internal compass.

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