Letting Intuition Lead

I am still trying to process everything that has occurred over the last two days. A seven year relationship burned to a pile of ashes and washed out to sea never to return. Breathe. Release. Breathe. Release. Breathe. Release all that no longer serves me on this journey I’ve begun.

For today’s sketchbook practice, I did not “feel” like doing anything. I procrastinated and procrastinated. BUT, I did not want to break the momentum of sketching and creating that with today’s sketch will complete a sixty day streak. So, I returned to my beloved blue pencil and let go letting my intuition take control.

This is what she brought forth: A Guardian overseeing this process of grieving, feeling, releasing…reassuring me everything will be okay…that what is happening now is for my highest good. I know this to be true. It’s time to shed the old me and step into the vibrant light that has been patiently waiting for me to open my eyes. And so a new story begins…

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