Art · Ever After 2018

Day Two: Snow White

I finished Tamara Laporte’s #SnowWhite lesson from #EverAfter2018. I am exhausted. I spent the entire day working on this piece. I loved it, though. Through this process, I learned to be okay with change and imperfections and to use my intuition when I ran into problems (like when some of the paper I used for the collage fell apart and came up off the paper in pieces). I also learned that I need to find a graphite pencil I want to draw with because some of the depth was lost because I used the blue pencil I normally sketch with. Additionally, in order to keep going, I had to let go of my need to be perfect and just go with the flow. I kept comparing my artwork to Tamara Laporte’s and my inner critic would sneak in. I would have to quickly put her aside so I could continue.

I put each stage of my progress below based on the video lessons Tamara provided. In yesterday’s post, I included my drawing based on the first stage. Below you will see stage two, stage three, and then the final piece. I am very happy with it. It just goes to show that even when you think what you’ve done is terrible, it’s important to keep going. With each layer and each stage, the piece got better and better, and that was exciting to watch unfold as I worked. It helped to build my confidence which helped me keep going.

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