Art · Woman Unleashed 2018

Woman Unleashed: Painted Prayers

Today I watched Heidi Easley’s free #WomanUnleashed #PaintedPrayers session. I liked the idea of painting a prayer or quote that you really want to remember and embody. I also liked her discussion on paint parties. They sound like a wonderful way to get women together to create.

For today’s sketchbook practice, I painted a poem that comes back to me again and again and holds deep meaning for me. The poem is Rumi’s “Don’t Go Back to Sleep.” There are various versions on the Web, but the version below I pulled from my copy of The Essential Rumi.

I used acrylic paint for the background in yellow and then metallic black, silver, and gold. I also used a star stencil on the background. I then used a mix of white gel and paint pens to scribe the poem. In the lower corner, I used gel pens to signify a rising dawn.

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