Art · Woman Unleashed 2018

Woman Unleashed: Intuitive Writing

Today I watched Shereen Sun’s free #WomanUnleashed #IntuitiveWriting session. Shereen took us through an intuitive writing process using oracle cards (or whatever is in front of you) as a starting off point. I have done this before, but I’ve always looked at the messages first. This time I let just the images speak to me.

What I found a little eerie and cool is that many specific words came up in my intuitive writing sessions and on my personally selected oracle cards that then came up in the video discussion. Goosebumps… Even as I write about this more and more connections between my own writing, the video discussions, and the oracle cards are coming to me. More goosebumps… I’m finding this happening a lot with the Woman Unleashed videos. Like we’re all on the same wavelength or something.

I decided after the video I would draw something based on three words from the session that were highly energized for me: Sun, Goddess, and Lessons. Sun was particularly potent as I pulled The Sun card in the second writing session and the author’s name includes Sun. I envisioned in my mind a Sun Goddess and began to sketch what I saw. Then I pulled out my PanPastels. They are one of my favorite mediums to work with. I intuitively added color and had to quiet my logical mind’s input several times in order to hear my intuition. What emerged was not what I imagined but was fascinating nonetheless.

The card I had pulled for the first writing session was the Sacred Fool from the Sacred Rebels deck. My first response was fear. Was I being a fool following my art practice? Should I be doing something else? I wanted so much to read the message that came with card so I could know for sure, but I knew it was time to listen to my own voice.

What I heard was that I let fear control me when fear is so small compared to who I am. My life has been controlled by foolish beliefs that don’t serve me. The voice said that I often react to things negatively first (worst case scenario catastrophizing) then later try to find the positive. It asked me how I might interpret this card as positive. Then a message came through clearly: “Be the fool. Go after your dream. See how small your fears are. You are the one controlling the fears. They are not controlling you.”

I find it interesting then, that what emerged from my sketchbook session today is not the Sun Goddess I set out to create, but is instead clearly my own Sacred Fool. Goosebumps anyone?

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