Art · Find Your Flow

Day Twenty: Find Your Flow

Today we went to the beach early in the morning to avoid the treacherous heat. It was incredible to let my body be held by the ocean. I’ve missed that feeling. The powerful push and pull. Digging my toes deep into the sand. That, to me, is the definition of heaven.

I stayed with the water theme in my sketchbook for today’s practice. I put in the pier first, and then saw the perspective was off, but I rolled with it anyway. I used several liquid watercolors this time. I’m happy with how it turned out.

Something interesting I’ve learned is that ideas for additions always come to me when looking at a photo of my work. I see my work differently from a photo perspective for some reason. I want to keep that in mind as something I can add to my daily practice if I’m looking for ways to build on, improve, or change a piece I’m working on.

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