Art · Find Your Flow

Day Nineteen: Find Your Flow

Today I stayed with the water theme. I decided to use a blue liquid watercolor and add a little white. I wanted to achieve some depth and movement in the painting by using darker and lighter shades of the blue and with the addition of the white.

It is nearly 100 degrees today, so we have no plans to spend time at the beach. Yesterday we stopped by for about an hour and then came back and spent time at the pool. I have significant body image issues, so it is very difficult for me to put on a bathing suit. Last year was my first time in a pool in nearly seven years. It was like pure heaven. I promised myself I would not let my body image issues rob me of such an experience again, but of course, I did not keep that promise to myself. Before yesterday, it had been an entire year since I had gotten in the water. It is still really difficult to give myself permission to do such a thing, like somehow having a large body means I am not deserving of such an experience. I got in the water, though, and it was again pure heaven. I love to just float and feel my body as light instead of something that weighs me down so heavily in my daily life. I want to remember that light feeling and carry it with me each day as something that is possible for me.

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