Art · Find Your Flow

Day One – Find Your Flow

I was feeling very hesitant this morning to begin the thirty-day #FindYourFlow practice. I paid the bills, contemplated going back to sleep, and thought about all the other things I needed to do today. It felt like this practice needed to be more somehow, that it had to be more formal than just sitting down and starting. I realized after a while that I was putting pressure on myself to perform in some perfect way which was the source of the resistance. So, I just sat down and paid attention. The page wanted to be in landscape, the face a strong oval, the hair gray, the face aged and a bit tired, the eyes lavender. I used colored pencils which I am not very comfortable using. I like fluid mediums like watercolor and pan pastels that I can spread across a page. But she wanted to be in colored pencil and so that’s what I did. To finish her, I used gamsol to blend. I sat for a moment to listen to what she had to say. She told me that they are always there, that I am loved, that I am the magic.


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