Welcome to my artistic journey. I’m so happy you are here.

My original goal for this site was to chronicle my progress as I developed a daily art practice. It was my hope that by taking the time to develop artistic skills, I would reconnect with my first love – creative writing – as we had not been getting along very well over the past several years, and I had taken a much-needed break.

I am thrilled to announce that focusing on a daily art practice for six months did bring me back to my creative writing. My art practice led me to an amazing writing coach, Sage Adderley-Knox. The result of working with Sage: In eight weeks, I completed the first draft of a novel I had been “trying” to write for seven years.

So, this site is changing a bit. From now on, I will use it to chronicle my progress through novel revisions while also trying to maintain a regular art practice.

I hope you will join me.